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02:24am 30/03/2005
  Bexley, Ohio

Notice anything... unique?
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Oh my. 
09:43pm 10/11/2004
  Haha! I can't believe I stumbled across a Bexley community. What is the world coming to? Okay, so this seems not a community dedicated to the small affluent suburb so much as a small group of people who most likely attended the high school, but still... I got a kick out of this.

And, well, alright... I do admit to living in Victorian Village however I find myself working in Bexley for a near forty hours of my week so for better or for worse I know it a little too well.

Cheers to the Bexlexians.
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11:32pm 25/10/2004
mood: exanimate
Well, here's some new from Bexley for you: We have a shot at going to the playoffs for football! Do you know when that's ever happened? Right now, we're 6-0 in the league, 7-2 overall. If we beat New Albany (which my brother says they're ready for the game), then we go to the playoffs for the first time in 234,324,658,324,586,345 years. I don't really know what else is going on in Bexley even though I'm a lot closer to it than some of you.
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05:48pm 24/10/2004
  Allright, "Bexley." Here's the deal. I don't live there anymore, but I'm still interested to know what's going on. So I'm asking those of you still in town or with connections to Bexley goings-on to reply [or even post a new entry! GASP] with one or more of the craziest things happening. They should be true, but I doubt I'd know if they weren't.

And if you don't do this, poo on you.
wait for it... 
12:39pm 24/10/2004
mood: bored
Never fear Bexleyites. I have to come in an attempt revive this community (the web community, there is no hope for the real Bexley). Never fear, Michelle is here!
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Where did Bexley go? 
11:36am 22/09/2004
mood: homesick
So i think this community might have died. Any thoughts?

I shouldn't be in here anymore. I'm not in Bexley. But I'll take some initiative here.

Let's discuss which weekend I should come for. Is it A) Homecoming weekend (I know, lame right? but everyone will be there) or B) The weekend after that.
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01:33am 20/06/2004
  Does anybody miss school? Is it weird that I do? I mean, I totally dig the freedom of summer and the no homework (or any sort of work for that matter). But I miss seeing everyone. During the summer you only get to see like 2 people a day. I want to see 129 people a day!!!
Well... that's enough of my babbling.
Goodnight Children
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06:34pm 14/05/2004
  seriously guys, stop posting so much  
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Hey guyses and galses 
07:29pm 26/04/2004
mood: chipper
This is ben.
I'm staging Operation Skip School and Go to the Short North sometime this week.
Probably wednesday or friday are the best days.
Who's with me?
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07:50pm 22/04/2004
  Oh, if anyone ever wants to post anything here (which you should!) here's how:

Go to http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml and click the more options thing at the bottom. Under "Journal to Post in" pick "Bexley."

I thought the Emily Dickinson impersonator was sweet. But maybe that's just because she called me a manwhore, well, not really, but I wish.

Oh, and this layout is ugly as shit.
06:06pm 21/04/2004
  Umm, yeah, so I figured with all you bexley kids getting a livejournal a community is bound to be created, and I might as well take the initiative.

First topic for discussion (Thank you lily):
How fucking crazy is the emily dickinson impersonator going to be? How many people will laugh when she says her name is "dickinson" (get it? "DICK IN SON" HAHAHAHAHAHA).
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